Origami Folding

In order to use origami trophies in the game, the origami must first be folded. Throughout the folding process, children scan stamps on the origami paper to make sure they are folding correctly. Once completed, the origami is turned into a trophy to be used elsewhere in the game. If folding requirements are disabled, children immediately have access to the origami trophies in the game without needing to fold them first.

AR Mode

Children select which origami trophy they want to see by tapping on either the wildlife icon (paw print) or cleaner icon (sapling). They then point their device at a suitably flat surface and tap on the screen to view their trophy in AR.

Clean the World

Children must place a mixture of cleaners (sapling icon) and wildlife (paw print icon) on their world. The goal is to eliminate all pollution and place wildlife in clean areas. If any wildlife is placed in a polluted zone, that level fails and children must restart.